dui process

The DUI process is quite complex one, especially for the first timers. So, here is a brief overview of the process: 

  • The Arrest 

DUI process starts the instant the police suspects impaired driving, generally after observing traffic violations or traffic accident. If the police suspects driver of being under the influence, they will ask that driver to do a series of field sobriety tests. They will keep your license with them if you are found to be driving under influence. 

  • Hiring a DUI lawyer

You aren’t required by the law to hire an attorney. Based on your income, a lawyer will be assigned for free. The public defenders are capable but overworked and can’t spend much time for your case. So, it is to your benefit to hire our DUI defense attorney. The sooner you hire us, the bigger the differences we’ll make for your DUI case.

  • The Arraignment 

It’s the process wherein you are charged formally. It could occur some hours or days following your arrest. Never go in a court hearing without a Dui Lawyer. 

  • Pre-Trial Conference 

Pre-trial conference is scheduled court appearance where we’ll go to the court and then meet with district lawyer to discuss your case facts, negotiate plea offers and discovery needs. 

  • Trial 

At times our attorney will advise going to trial. It may be right if prosecution refuses to good deal or if the case is weak. We will work to convince jury that a doubt is there about what actually happened and acquit you ideally.